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Spring is here, and with it: a rainbow of color. In addition to ubiquitous (but welcome!) pastels, we’re seeing neon accents popping up in unexpected places — nails! jewelry! totes! t-shirts! — and color being infused into what are typically uninspired wardrobe staples… like your favorite jeans.

Forget the simple spectrum of pale boyfriend jeans to crisp, dark denim. Now you’re faced with mint green… or kelly green? Nantucket red, or candy apple red? Decisions, decisions!

When I saw this email from Paige Denim in my inbox, it wasn’t just the jeans that caught my eye. It was, simply put, a beautiful array of color. So inspiring, in fact, that I made it my manicure.

I began with Paige Denim's palette and punched it up a little. From left: California Coral, Haute As Hello, Splash of Grenadine, Lapis of Luxury and Mint Candy Apple. All colors by Essie.

Here's the Paige Pastel lineup, indirect sunlight.

And in bright sunlight, each nail shines like a little jelly bean.

Cadbury Creme Eggs are a polarizing food. To some, the faux-egg fondant inside is off-putting. To others, it is egg-cellent. I could eat a dozen at a time, nom.

This manicure was as simple as can be; the hardest part was rounding up the colors! It was well-received by my pals at the office, and even has a bit of holiday flair. If you’re looking for a cheerful way to usher in spring, or a subtle nod to Easter without drawing actual eggs on your nails, then maybe you’ll give this a whirl.


[And here are some pictures of a few Easter eggs to get y’all in the mood!]

Cats, World of Warcraft, ombre shades... Yes, all of my obsessions are well-represented.

Sidenote, I love foxes. Fluffy tails, oh-so-clever, the stars (villians?) of practically every Aesop fable ever... How could you not love a fox. My boyfriend made a foxy egg for me...

... but it's the fox tail that's my favorite part of all!

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