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The Polishment Polish Party this past Friday was a blast! My friend Kim, aka “FancyPants” really outdid herself with the decor.

Crudite platter... fresh fruit, fresh flowers, fresh Trader Joe's... She truly is a FancyPants! I loved it!!

The point of the polish party was technically to try out some new Texture Coats I’ve been meaning to experiment with, but we got a little sidetracked.

I brought some of la creme de la creme of my Stash.

My set-up at Kim's table was tres professional.

FancyPants even had some task lighting at the ready. We were very official.

It was a little nerve-wracking to paint other people’s hands, I have to admit! I do a lot of my own painting by feel, so to work on someone else’s fingers was tough for me! I also didn’t get to drink much wine, since I needed steady hands, lol.

Lady drinks were always close at hand, chilled to perfection. So close and yet so far away... truly tantalizing.

Here's my friend Sandy, wearing "It's Time to Rock" by Sephora. A really gorgeous shade; metallic charcoal with tiny flecks of turquoise and fuchsia.

Miss Jill, wearing Essie "Mint Candy Apple" with dots of Essie "Pretty Edgy." Her inspiration was peacock plumage.

The always-glamourous Bubbles, holding — what else — a bottle of bubbly, her fingers adorned with "Trout Pout" by butter LONDON.

Kim requested tiny watermelons on every fingertip. She played art director, though later expressed some reservations about her juicy look. Perhaps the combination of Essie "Pretty Edgy" with Orly "Hot Shot" was more sour than sweet.

You may recognize these hands from the Snow Globe manicure months ago. It's my pal, Whiskey! She chose Essie "Splash of Grenadine" with "Amethyst Texture," a new Texture Coat shade from Nicole by OPI. I think the tone-one-tone glitter looks awesome as an accent nail!

I would love to do another Polishment Polish Party again, so if I get any new victims, I’ll be sure to share.

In other news, I’m working on this week’s nails even as I type this. I’ll give you a clue: “Sweet Pea.”

getreadyforsomeglitter, Francesca

Just a sneak peek of the aftermath... polish parties are no joke.

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